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Find where a website is hosted. With our tool, you can find where a domain is hosted and where the company or any individuals purchased a domain. Not only this also check that your nameservers are updated or not or which company they do belong to. Our tool is totally free and the best part about our tools is that we don't collect your data and we take care of your privacy. We don't sell any of your information about your searches or we don't keep track of your activities.

Enter your Domain name and use information from the subsequent tab. There you will discover the organization name or individual name who claims hosting and date of domain name creation. In some cases, you can discover the name proprietor email and cell phone. Use them in the event that you need to contact this individual for association demand or any related inquiries

Also, such data can be valuable for: 

Similar investigation of your site and your rivals. See if your facilitating supplier is able to bring your site achievement

Look at the costs of famous facilitating suppliers. 

On the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea who is your facilitating supplier, it is an incredible opportunity to know.

The server's location assumes a significant part in giving speedy admittance to your site for guests. The closer the hosting "center" is to the intended interest group, the quicker clients are diverted to pages. Subsequently, it is significant for site proprietors to see how intently facilitating is identified with SEO.

A web hosting service provider may be a sort of online business that gives website owners the technologies and services needed to form the web site or website available for viewing on the planet Wide Web. Web hosting services include providing an internet site with space for storing for web documents and databases. They also offer email services and other services that are needed in maintaining an internet site.

With web hosting service, website owners can reach bent many people because it makes their website accessible via the web 24/7 without interruptions. An internet host provider also can help an internet site to load fast that's why it's important to seem for an internet site hosting company that delivers high-quality performance.

To help you find the proper website hosting provider for you, we've developed this free online web host checker.

You can also use this Website Host Checker if you would like to contact the hosting company if you've got encountered an internet site that's violating your rights in any way; you'll request the online hosting company to get rid of the offending content.