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About Keyword Density Checker


About Key word density checker

Keyword Density Checker is a device built solely for the cause of calculating the key-word density of any web page.

The dev group at Small search engine optimization equipment created the device after finding out that some entrepreneurs had been nevertheless stuffing their content material with masses of keywords even without knowing it. This left their web sites struggling as Google does no longer want you to cram your content with key phrases unnecessarily.

This device solves that problem perfectly. It permits you to analyze either an entire web page using its URL or a piece of text by using copying and pasting.

The only technique of calculating key-word density is usually to divide the range of times a selected key-word is referred to in a textual content via the total variety of phrases in the text, and then multiply the result by means of 100 to get your percent.

But our keyword Density device does greater than calculating keyword density. It surely assessments for and analyzes all the top key phrases used at the page or text this is being analyzed, and suggested you the subsequent metrics for better seo overall performance and effective content material optimization:

The full variety of key phrases on that web page.

The web page load time, in case you're analyzing a URL.

A tag clouded, detailed all of the key phrases used on the analyzed page or text.

Pinnacle keywords used inside the content material, their frequency counts, and signs displaying whether or no longer the keywords have a identify, description, or <H*>.

Key-word density for every keyword or word used inside the examined content, inclusive of their frequency of utilization and percent of utilization. These calculations are brokered by down over descending tilts of 1-phrase keywords, -word key phrases, three-word, keywords, and four-word, keywords.

This form of state-of-the-art analysis lets in you to easily outline and end up acquainted with the share and sum of key phrases used within your content material.

About What is my Browser

The browser is a software program utility that allows you to go to net pages even as using the net. A number of the most famous browsers include Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and net Explorer. At present, Google Chrome is the maximum broadly used browser within the world, and it's also taken into consideration as one of the maximum handy, cozy, and quickest browser.


You can use different browsers for numerous motives. Although some of the variations can also appear trivial in nature, it's miles indeed commonplace for the websites to paintings nice on one browser and no longer thoroughly on every other. It's far, therefore, critical to use a accessible device like what's my Browser to have the essential statistics that can help you to troubleshoot a technical issue that would arise because of your browser.

In case you are in want to locate your browser as well as its settings, you are in successful due to the fact in recent times many on-line equipment or websites can help you in identifying which browser you're using and different info. Such tools in the main make use of one-of-a-kind libraries whilst seeking out the user browser.