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Why page checker is Important? Is it important to check your page size? Well, the page size is important if you want that your website ranks on Google and get more attention from the audience, directly if you want traffic. Page size is major responsible for the load time of your website. And you know if your website takes more time to load you are going to lose the attention of your audience. Page size effect the major in SEO of your website. You can check your page size here and optimize your website's page size.  

Each site's exhibition significantly relies upon how rapidly it loads. In the event that your site stacks quicker, your ricochet rate diminishes. The Website Page Checker Tool by is a free tool that performs the check of a site's page size. It enlightens you regarding the page size of your site in KB

Before utilizing a Website Page Size Checker Tool, you have to recognize what the standard site size ought to be. In the event that your normal site page size is under 3 MB, at that point, your site will stack quicker. Also, in the event that your site page size surpasses 3 MB, at that point, the skip rate will expand definitely, and this can influence your traffic contrarily

To expand the page load speed of your webpage, you have to initially play out a site size test on our Website Page Size Checker Tool and check the size of your area. In the event that the report expresses that your webpage size is in excess of 3 MB, at that point, you have to begin chipping away at your site format size, your versatile site size, the default page size, and the screen size measurements.

This wonderful tool, because the name suggests, maybe a page size checker that will be wont to know the page size of any specific URL. It’s a magic tool that users can use to see website size online. If your website takes longer than usual to load then perhaps you would like to figure on the dimensions of your website because it may result in a high bounce rate because the internet users don’t tend to possess the patience to attend for the online page to open. The mean small website size is estimated to be 12 KB which will load very quickly. The more media on a page, the larger the page size, and therefore the slower it'll load. Embedded videos, images, audio, graphics, flash, and other sorts of media will increase your page size. First things first, it’s important for the health and performance of your website that you simply know the dimensions of your website but the way to know the entire size of a website? That where website pages size checker or page size inspector comes into play.