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About URL Rewriting Tool


It is one of the advanced equipment supplied through the search engine optimization tools Centre. Perhaps you already have to get entry to your URL rewriting module. But if you do no longer have to get entry to that module it's far the excellent device available inside the market to rewrite the URL of your site.


This device lets you convert your long and complex URL into a quick and easy one so that you can have a terrific effect on the website. It's far the best online available tool in an effort to do your paintings speedily and in a very easy manner.

The URL Rewrite Module by Dost.host is furnished with a serious URL Rewrite Software that depends on a powerful calculation. Because of this, our URL Rewrite Tool is equipped for transforming each and every one of your Dynamic URLs into Static URLs inside mere seconds. 

Nonetheless, our device has certain URL rework decides that are to be followed. For example, our apparatus just proselytes Dynamic URLs to Static URLs; it isn't the reverse way around. Thus, on the off chance that you present a Static URL for transformation, our URL Rewrite Module won't execute the change cycle. Also, it will show you the message passing on that your URL is as of now static. 

Dost.host is an across the board SEO programming that assists organizations with scaling the SERPs to the highest page. Other than that, Dost.Host gives an immense arrangement of instruments that website admins can use for dealing with their site, improving their catchphrase examination, and direct inside and out connection investigation of their space. Each and every one of our devices is allowed to utilize and easy to understand; the equivalent is the situation with our URL Rewrite Generator. 

You can start by entering the URL that should be changed over to static and submit it by squeezing the 'Rework URL'. Similarly, as you do that, our module will start the URL revise cycle and produce the Static URL in a snap! 

It doesn't make a difference on the off chance that you need URL changing in PHP, an IIS URL revamp, or the famous Apache URL rework. Our online URL Redirect Generator is progressed enough to change over URLs that will work with all the facilitating administrations. 

In the wake of breaking down everything our URL Rewrite Module has to bring to the table, one may consider 'how much will it cost to utilize our URL Rewrite Tool?'Well, shockingly enough, Dost.host offers the types of assistance of its URL Rewrite Software for nothing. Thus, you can change over the same number of dynamic connections into static ones as you need. You don't need to spend a dime on our module. Additionally, we don't request any email IDs or memberships. 

The URL Rewrite Module by Dost.host is made distinctly to help the network simply like our other free instruments. 

What is the requirement for Rewriting URLs 

Presently you know in detail what is URL changing anyway, how about we proceed onward to cover what the requirement for Rewriting URLs is? 

The reason for a URL Rewriter is to change the Dynamic URLs into Static URLs. You have to do that since Static URLs are more limited, more agreeable to bookmark, and file to the internet searcher information base. Moreover, these sorts of URLs positions in a way that is better than dynamic URLs in the SERPs

At the point when you have a short URL, you can remember watchwords for it. Thusly, at whatever point an internet searcher crawler examines your site for ordering, they can peruse the catchphrases and comprehend the setting of your page. In the event that you would have a powerful URL, at that point it will require some investment for the Crawler to look over your space and file it. All things considered, you have to utilize an XML Sitemap Generator that can make a sitemap of those connections and transfer them to the inquiry reassure to get listed. So to spare you from that inconvenience, it is a magnificent plan to utilize our URL Rewrite Software and transform all your dynamic URLs into static ones. 

On the off chance that you furnish Crawlers with short question strings as opposed to long ones, they will list your webpage quicker, which further enables the rankings of your site and the stacking to time too. Along these lines, you will have higher rankings, more traffic, and fast stacking speed, just by changing a URL from dynamic to static. 

Instructions to Rewrite URLs with RW's URL Rewriter Tool 

Utilizing our URL Rewriter Tool isn't something that is exceptionally hard to comprehend. It is an easy to understand apparatus whose instructional exercise completes in three basic advances. 

Step I: Open the URL Rewrite Generator Tool in the Website Management segment of Dost.host free devices. 

Step II: Enter a Dynamic URL (alongside the HTTP/HTTPS convention). 

Step III: Press the 'Revise URL' button. 

Similarly, as you press the catch, our URL Re-author Module delivers the Static URL. You can duplicate that and supplant the dynamic URL of your site with it. 

On the off chance that your URL is as of now static, at that point our instrument won't execute the transformation. All things being equal, a message will spring up expressing that the entered URL isn't dynamic. 

These are all the means that you require to follow when utilizing the URL Rewrite Tool by Dost.host. 

Advantages of URL Rewriter Tool 

The intention of our URL Rewriter instrument is to change over the Dynamic URLs in your space into Static ones. What's more, the advantages of our device can be perceived when you understand the focal points and burdens of Dynamic and Static URLs. 

Dynamic URL 

Favorable circumstances 

There's greater usefulness in destinations with Dynamic URL. 

Dynamic sites are advantageously dealt with and update. 

Indeed, even the clients can work a Dynamic Website advantageously. 


It requires a ton of speculation to have and build up a Dynamic Website. 

It influences your SEO. 

Static URL 


Creating and facilitating a Static Website isn't costly yet reasonable. 

Improves your general SEO. 


Conveys essential data. 

You should be learned about refreshing Static Websites.