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About SEO Word and Character Counter

SEO Word Counter

Appears as though consistently advertisers are advised to compose more substance and longer substance so as to improve our odds of positioning on the primary page of Google's internet searcher results pages (SERP). Furthermore, as time passes, Google makes updates to its calculation to cause us to remain alert and speculating the enchantment equation that would let out a position one substance piece. Yet, presently, it appears to be that there is one thing you can eliminate from that non-existent recipe. Word tally.

How does word check influence your SEO?

While plainly there is certifiably not a particular, ideal number that ensures high indexed lists, does that mean word check truly has no effect on your rankings?

How to Increase SEO Word Count

  1. Add Images according to your Headings
  2. Address Viewpoints as the third person
  3. Always use Alt text to images. It helps image SEO, so it also improves your website SEO.
  4. Link internal Pages
  5. Always create Outbound links.
  6. Take better care of title and meta description
  7. SEO Word Count can also be recognised by making it bold.

This tool is used to count words in your content so that you may have an idea about number of character and words you are going to use in which context of your content.

There is a limit for Titles, Excerpts, etc which is quite important in SEO ranking of our website.